Powerful local calling on a world-class network

Connect and respond to local customers and employees with an extensive suite of traditional telephone and trunking services.

Streamlined voice. Simpler communication.

Get affordable, comprehensive voice services and reliable management from a single trusted provider.

Voice services tuned to the way you work

Whether you deploy standard telephone services, a unified voice and data communications system, or a hybrid solution, we’ll help you find the right mix of capabilities for your business.

Business conversations that don’t miss a beat

Give your customers consistent interactions with a network that offers virtually 100% dial-tone availability and 30+ years of experience and business continuity in voice services.

Dial down the costs of your voice solution

Avoid additional CapEx with a solution that works with your current equipment or make a simple upgrade to extend the life of your existing network.

Questions about Local Voice Services?
Schedule a free consultation with a voice specialist to discuss the best solution for your business.
Grow your business with agile voice capabilities

Get the time-trialled calling features you need today on a scalable platform that evolves with your business tomorrow.

  • Local Business Phone Service
  • Calling Card: Worldcard®
  • ISDN PRI: Primary Rate Service
  • ISDN BRI: Single Line Service
  • Centrex Prime
  • Centrex Management System
  • Direct Inward Dialing
  • Digital Trunks: Digital Switched Service
  • Directory Assistance, Electronic: CenturyLink® Search
  • Directory Assistance: Large Business Directory
  • Remote Call Forwarding: Market Expansion Line
  • Voicemail: Business Voice Messaging Service


Adjust the volume, not your price.
Lock in a highly competitive rate that's customised to your specific business needs and scale.


Easy, on-the-go long-distance calling.
Give your employees international voice access whether they’re in the U.S. or abroad with a convenient, flexibly priced calling card.

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Where digital business goes to network