Email Security

Email Security

Stop spending time on spam and viruses.

Are you frustrated with the amount of spam in your network? Email spam, viruses, and other malware waste network resources and degrade employee productivity.

Get rid of it all with CenturyLink® Email Defense, a gateway-based managed security service that filters and cleans email before it reaches your network. The service also blocks inbound and outbound inappropriate content and prevents email malware from infiltrating your network. With Email Defense, we manage your email security and handle the spam and viruses so you and your employees don't have to.



  • Spam blocking, content filtering, virus scanning, and worm detection
  • Web-based interface for monitoring and administration
  • Email backup support and 24/7 technical support
  • Automatic user account provisioning and reporting
  • Customised allow/deny lists and threshold levels
  • Quarantine reports and access to quarantined messages
  • Up to five days of automatic email storage if your email server goes down


  • Keep employees productive by removing the burden of dealing with spam and viruses
  • Improve performance by reducing network traffic, processing, and storage
  • Respond quicker to threats with up-to-the-minute, real-time monitoring and protection

Stop Spam Before It Reaches Your Network.

CenturyLink Email Defense is a completely managed security service, so it does not require additional hardware or software. You make a simple change to your post exchange (MX) record by pointing your original MX record to the CenturyLink-specified MX record. The service then filters email through the CenturyLink Email Defense service prior to reaching your network.

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