CenturyLink ® CLC (Public Cloud) + Bare Metal

Bare Metal has the power and reliability of the long-lived, dedicated server environment coupled with the flexibility, scalability and efficiency of the cloud model. Bare Metal cloud servers do not run a hypervisor, meaning that they are not virtualized, but they can be consumed in a cloud-like service model.

Bare Metal servers in the CenturyLink Cloud deliver the best of both worlds: the computing power of a physical server, plus the automation and pay-as-you-go flexibility of virtual machines.

Choose Bare Metal servers for compute intensive applications like databases, analytics jobs, grid computing and other workloads that require consistent performance. Run apps that aren't well-suited for a multi-tenant virtualized environment on Bare Metal instead. And because bare metal servers can be provisioned on and off as needed, the service is ideal for "batch" jobs that require bursts of extreme compute power for a few hours at a time.

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Where digital business goes to network
Where digital business goes to network