CenturyLink® MPLS

Our MPLS network is a highly scalable solution for enterprises with multiple branch offices. It's ideal for ERP, CRM and business-specific needs like policy writing or claims management.

Application-aware MPLS networks are the modern foundation for business innovation; empowering websites, communications and transactions across industries; connecting employees, partners and customers to applications and data. As the backbone of your Hybrid IT strategy, the CenturyLink MPLS network is intelligent and automated, responsive to the fluctuating demands of your application workloads and an expansive reach in order to meet the cost and performance demands of your business. CenturyLink's enterprise-wide MPLS network supports interconnection between corporate headquarters, branch offices, mobile device users, remote workers and data centers for global customers in many of the most demanding, data-intensive industries, including superstore retailers, leading manufacturers, top retail banks, major U.S. Government agencies and multiple state governments.

Technical Specifications
  • Support for Layer 1 and multiple Layer 2 access types, including IP access, Ethernet, frame relay and ATM
  • TDM or Ethernet Local Access ranging from 56Kbps to 10Gbps
  • Seamless integration with Internet, VoIP, hosting and cloud applications
  • On-net private edge international points-of-presence (POPs)
  • Up to 8 queues of QoS, multiple percentage templates and up to four queuing methods
  • 100% Network Availability SLAs
  • Any-to-any connectivity
  • Flat rate, tiered and usage-sensitive billing options
  • End-to-end performance reporting
  • Access to 85 countries covering the majority of global business centers
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Where digital business goes to network