On-Premises Network Equipment

A secure, end-to-end network with on-site equipment solution supported through a single point of contact.

Connecting users, customers and content is a critical requirement that only gets more complex as demand for new equipment, services and applications grows.

CenturyLink designs network equipment solutions that easily scale to your changing needs. We're up to the challenge of planning, installing and managing your systems-no matter how complex. Once installed, you receive support through a single point of contact.



  • 24/7 Customer Service Centre with Over 150 Qualified Engineers and Technicians
  • Single Point of Contact for Network Service
  • No Charge Until Entire Solution is Complete
  • Network Level SLAs Provide Reliable Performance
  • Secure Mobile-Employee Access
  • Compatible Equipment Portfolio
  • Seamless Nationwide Coverage 

Best-in-Class Providers
Communications equipment solutions from industry-leading manufacturers


From the edge of the network to your LAN, we provide the switches, routers, software, visibility and security that work together to create a scalable network.

End-to-End Design and Implementation
We develop a tailored solution based on your needs and then install that solution to your specifications.

Single Point of Contact 
CenturyLink provides single point of contact account management to oversee the entire relationship—from planning and installation, to 24/7 support after your custom network solutions are up and running. 

Advanced Security
We offer network-based security solutions with continuous around the clock monitoring, administration of firewalls, updated intrusion detection signatures, filters, patches and servers. 

Fully Trialled and Supported
Our national lab facilities develop, test and prove your IT solutions. With our 24/7 service centre support and team of over 150 engineers and technicians, we give you the resources to manage your network.

Why CenturyLink Data and Network CPE?

Your customers, your data and your users make up a unique set of variables that demand only the best design, implementation and management services. Our team provides a secure network of your design that you control through a single point of contact.

  • End-to-End Network Designed, Trialled and Implemented to Your Standards
  • Single Point of Contact to Manage Entire Relationship—24/7 Support
  • Trusted Partner Willing to Develop Custom Solutions
  • Integrated, Scalable Solutions from Industry Leading Technology Providers
More Options with Full Integration

A broad portfolio of products and services which can be customised to fit your unique business needs. Whether you are looking for network services, voice and data equipment, or management of the entire infrastructure, CenturyLink is the business partner you can rely on.

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Where digital business goes to network
Where digital business goes to network