Application Trialling & QA Services


Better Trialling for Improved Software Deliveries

Lower the costs and trialling time for software delivery whilst ensuring that your application can meet demands

When changes occur to your application and IT environment, you need to know those changes won't negatively impact your business. To help ensure productive outcomes, CenturyLink delivers a range of IT quality assurance and trialling services that allow you to lower the costs and trialling times, plus give you greater confidence in your software deliveries.

CenturyLink Quality Assurance and Test helps ensure your applications can perform under the stress of increased traffic. To back that claim, we have a global team of over 900 quality assurance engineers with decades of experience in a diverse spectrum of technologies and tools that will help your business stay ahead of shifting demands and customer expectations.

New Approaches to QA and Test

Learn how to build an automation methodology that scales with the expectations of today’s businesses.

Whether you need to fill gaps in skill sets, supplement in-house resources or simply don’t know where to start, CenturyLink’s got you covered.


QA & Test Services

Decrease the cost and effort of quality assurance and trialling by up to 30%.

CenturyLink QA and Test allows you to leverage enterprise-class tools and services that aren't available from local and specialized consulting firms. Each aspect of our QA and Test portfolio is designed to help you:

Reduce cycle time-to-market

Deliver quality software to production faster whilst avoiding the potential impact of environmental issues.

  • Automated software installation process
  • Reduces test software installation time by 50% versus manual installation
  • Improves accuracy and environment stability
  • Flexible automation frameworks
  • Over 74,000 automated scripts across various technologies

Eliminate production issues
Use our automated regression suites to help catch issues before you release applications to production. Both performance and automated regression can be used to assist you during migrations or in both hosting and cloud environments.

  • Proven best practices, built from thousands of client and internal engagements
  • Enterprise tools
  • Pairwise, static, risk-based, and other Shift Left test techniques

Manage cost and budget pressures
Automate your environment install processes, create automated regression suites, and apply focused test techniques for functional trialling. Each of these measures can significantly reduce manual effort, thereby reducing project or environment migrations whilst mitigating costs.

  • 5x16 test execution for cost efficiency
  • Predictable and flexible cost models, tailored to your business needs

Bridge resource and skills gaps
Our experts have years of practical, hands-on experience implementing focused trialling techniques that can be used during functional trialling. We also have experience with complex tools for performance scripting and trialling as well as expertise in web validation and automation framework creation--any of which can be utilised in a cloud, hosted or managed environment.

  • Trialling experience from 2500+ applications over 100+ projects per quarter
  • Hands-on IT experience with 1000s of certifications
  • 900+ trialling professionals globally
  • ITIL certified

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Decades of Experience On Demand

CenturyLink offers centralised trialling capabilities with mature, automated processes across the entire SDLC.

Web Hosting Trialling and Cloud Migration Trialling
Get trialling strategies and executions for systems moving to a different environment.

Performance Trialling
Measure the response to individual transactions to determine baseline behavior under normal, peak and maximum loads.

Functional Trialling
Perform test cases and cycles to validate your business and system requirements.

Automation Trialling (Sanity, Regression)
Develop or convert either manual functional or sanity (regression) test cases into an automated suite through open source tools or HP UFT.

Test Environment Management
Establish environment configuration management best practices and automate the installation of code into various environments.


  • Functional, automation, performance and security trialling, along with test environment management
  • 2,400 internally developed applications across 500 programmes, along with numerous external clients
  • Industry-standard quality assurance and application lifecycle management tools
  • Custom-developed test automation frameworks with over 32,000 automated test scripts

Capabilities & Deliverables

Custom Trialling

  • Static
  • Functional
  • E2E
  • Regression

Hosting/Cloud Migration Trialling

  • Test Project Management
  • Website Validation
  • Integration Trialling
  • Browser Validation
  • Functional Requirement Trialling
  • Regression
  • User Acceptance
  • Automation
  • Status Reporting

Automation Trialling

  • Automation Strategy Consulting
  • Framework Design
  • Automation Development, Sustainment and Script Execution
  • Script Re-architecting
  • Optimisation and Enhancement

Performance Trialling

  • Platform Optimisation
  • Performance Modeling
  • Scalability
  • Stability
  • Volume and Break-point Validation

Environment Management

  • Build Installation and Support
  • Sanity Validation
  • Outage Identification and Resolution
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Build Installation
  • Version Management and Coordination
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