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Drive exceptional customer experiences whilst more effectively embracing digital business transformation.

Top 3 Digital Transformation Initiatives for Retailers

39% are using the growth of customer data for more contextualized experiences
36% are working to create the digital retail store of the future (e.g., smart dressing rooms, augmented reality, etc.)
32% are creating mobile apps for bridging in-store and online customer demands
How to Survive in the Digital Age
Understand how retailers around the world are investing to drive competitive advantage with this study from 451 Research.

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Is Your Business a Digital Leader?
Gain insight from 451 Research analyst Sheryl Kingstone, and CenturyLink Solution Strategist, Sudesh Girdhari, on transformational technologies essential to creative immersive, connected retail experiences across digital and physical worlds.
Deliver Integrated Customer Experiences

In today's digital world, multi-channel retailers must delight their customers with exceptional brand and user experiences to compete. CenturyLink provides advanced consulting strategies and IT solutions to help accelerate and secure digital transformation across your omnichannel environment.

Data Network
Business users want to connect on any device, from any location. Grow your business on a high-speed network foundation as the surest way to empower employees and satisfy customers.
Business agility can come from innovative cloud applications. Get secure and scalable cloud environments that can help you generate new revenue and redefine customer engagement.
Managed Services
The digital world is fraught with IT complexities. To accelerate your company's modernisation, invest in managed network, infrastructure and application services from a trusted provider.
To retain trust, you must protect the privacy of customer information. Protect customer data, employee devices and company content against security threats and safeguard your reputation.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
Businesses can lose tens of thousands of dollars during a network outage. Safeguard your company from uncertainties by investing in failover protection and certified recovery resources.
Managed Hosting
Demand for higher performance is difficult to reconcile with a tightening budget. Let CenturyLink manage your IT environment to enable your employees to focus on your business.
Data & Analytics
Insights from information make for better decision-making. Draw informed conclusions from the insights locked away in your data stores to make timely and actionable business decisions.

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