Now Your Network Experience Can Match Your Cloud Experience

Once you’ve chosen your cloud architecture and provider, let CenturyLink connect your cloud environment to your company network for greater performance, security and dynamic bandwidth allocation.

Find out how to create a high-performance application environment with CenturyLink® Cloud Connect.

Why CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions

Without a solid network strategy, successfully migrating to the cloud is virtually impossible. And security? Forget it.

No matter which cloud architecture you choose—public, private or a hybrid—our award-winning network services, interconnects and operating procedures can help make sure your critical data and apps are available and safe.

Stay Fast and Flexible with CenturyLink® Cloud Connect Dynamic Connections
Dynamically add and delete connections between data centres and cloud providers in real time.

Discover how you can:

  • Connect your data centres and clouds in real-time, providing control and flexibility needed to better manage operational expenses
  • Quickly make changes to your network ecosystem as applications and infrastructure requirements shift
  • Minimise external threats via private network connectivity to help protect your data and applications
  • Access the service via secure portal or API integration with billing on a pay-as-you-go model
Click. Create. Connect.

Learn how CenturyLink® Dynamic Connections can provide you a fast and flexible network experience, enabling you to link your data centre and cloud environments in real-time.

Learn how your network experience can match your cloud experience.
Enterprises like yours are moving to hybrid cloud/multi-cloud environments to leverage the hyper-scalable user experience of the cloud. But some are suffering from legacy static connections that choke agility. Enterprises need their network providers to offer Ethernet circuits that are as flexible and agile as the very clouds they are connecting to. Without this, your organisation's cloud strategy could face unforeseen obstacles.


Cloud Connect Benefits
Improved Performance
Deliver your mission-critical apps from the cloud with greater uptime and responsiveness.
Proven Security
Experience the benefits of the cloud with the security of a private network ecosystem.
Flexibility and Efficiency
Scale your bandwidth up and down as you need it. Pay only for the bandwidth you use.


Cloud Capabilities

  • Get a reliable, secure cloud connection with our global fibre network and security solutions.
  • Add or change connections between your WAN and public, private and hybrid cloud resources within our ecosystem of cloud services and data centres.
  • Access a variety of connectivity types and speeds, including wavelength, Ethernet and IP VPN based. 
  • Provide deep peering interconnects with CenturyLink® Internet Services for better cloud application performance.


Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is part of the CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem. As part of the AWS Partner Network (APN) that supports AWS Direct Connect, CenturyLink provides network connections to improve enterprise access to AWS's cloud computing platform and services.
Google Cloud Platform
CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions and Google Cloud Interconnect provide organisations with enterprise-grade connectivity for you to move both private and public workloads from offices and data centres on your wide area network to Google Cloud Platform in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific.
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft® Azure™ is part of the CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions ecosystem. CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions and Azure ExpressRoute provide a secure, high-performance network for enterprises to stretch their data centres and operate a seamless IT environment between their corporate networks and private on-premises or third-party data centres and the Azure cloud platform.

CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions enables direct, private connectivity to IBM Cloud Managed Services through layer 3 MPLS IP/VPN network connections.

CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions provide a secure, high-performance layer 2 Ethernet network connection between IBM Resiliency Services your data centre environments.

Together, CenturyLink Cloud Connect Solutions and IBM Cloud Direct Link provide enterprises with private connectivity to the IBM Cloud via IP VPN and Wavelength connectivity.

Blue Jeans
Blue Jeans delivered by CenturyLink® gives today’s mobilized workforce access to video conferencing like never before. Extending beyond the boundaries of specialized conference systems, Blue Jeans delivered by CenturyLink leverages the reliability, quality and security of the CenturyLink’s global network.

For companies looking to extend their workloads to the Oracle Cloud, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure FastConnect offers a dedicated connection between customers' data centres and Oracle Cloud.

With CenturyLink's Cloud Connect Solutions and Oracle's FastConnect service, customers enjoy the inherent reliability of a direct, private connection that does not traverse the public internet, whilst leveraging the consistent throughput that enterprise workloads require.

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