Getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulation?

Almost everyone must know by now that the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) is coming into force next year. However, many businesses are still unsure where to begin with preparing to be compliant with the regulation. CenturyLink's new relationship with Company85 can help customers to better understand where they are, and what steps they need to take to achieve compliance.

May 25th 2018 is a date that is becoming etched into the national consciousness – no, it’s not the date the UK will finally achieve Brexit in whatever form it takes, or even the date that the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth. It’s the date that the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (aka The GDPR) comes into effect. Such is the level of interest in this upcoming regulation that you can scarcely turn a page in any business publication or read a page of industry-based news online without seeing mention of it.

Why has this become such a big deal? Much of what is contained within the GDPR is relatively common sense, but as many companies grow and evolve, it is inevitable that their data storage and systems also grow and evolve. Few businesses ever set out to hoard personal data or intentionally misuse it, but equally few businesses carry out housekeeping on the data (personal or otherwise) that they store. Backups are made, test and development environments populated with data, but this data may not be adequately protected or deleted when no longer required.

Carrying out a full data audit isn't an easy task, and using the results to plan compliance with the GDPR is even harder. It's important for businesses to find a partner that is able to help them with this and guide them towards the first steps they need to take.

GDPR Readiness Assessments

CenturyLink are excited to announce that we're working with Company85 to offer customers a GDPR QuickStart assessment. As part of this assessment, Company85 will run workshops and interviews with key stakeholders and SMEs within your organisation to assess the impact of the GDPR. These workshops will look at the requirements of the regulation, and how they fit in with your people, processes and tools. At the end of the assessment, a report is provided giving a GDPR readiness scorecard, an initial inventory of business services and applications that will be impacted by the GDPR, key recommendations and priorities for becoming compliant and more. Combining this with CenturyLink's diverse portfolio of products that can be the building blocks of a compliant infrastructure for business critical systems and applications can help put organisations onto the road to GDPR compliance.

If you're concerned about how your company will achieve compliance with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation, the time to take action is now. Whether you already have a big data lake, or are just starting a new business or project and want to make sure that the data you'll be capturing and storing is appropriately secured, a GDPR readiness assessment can help you to determine the next steps that you might need to take in their journey to compliance. With fines reaching €20m or up to 4% of your global revenue, businesses cannot afford to do nothing. Contact a CenturyLink representative to discuss your next steps on the road to the GDPR.

Matthew Johns, Product Marketing Manager, EMEA

Matthew is a member of the CenturyLink marketing team. He has over 20 years' experience in the IT, cloud and hosting industry gained in a variety of roles spanning project management to product release and product marketing. Matthew has a key focus on Digital Transformation and Cyber Security, including how organisations can best transition to the cloud and secure their critical assets - particularly with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming ever closer..

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