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Retail Redefined: How to keep up in a changing world

The world of retail is changing fast. Technology is redefining what has always been among the most adaptable of British industries. Robots. Drones. Augmented Reality. Virtual Reality. Checkout-free stores. Automated smartphone payments. Chatbots. These are all future advancements shaping the aisles, shelves, stockrooms and shopfloors of retailers nationwide.


Innovation in the retail industry in 2018.

I see the coming year as a key 12 months in the history of UK retail. At a time when retail sales are unstable due to geopolitical issues and inflation is seeing price rises outstrip wage growth, it has never been more important for retailers to adapt and improve. The most important word in retail for 2018 should be innovation. Here are five things I see happening as retailers get smarter and use technology more effectively and efficiently.


Getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulation?

Almost everyone must know by now that the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) is coming into force next year. However, many businesses are still unsure where to begin with preparing to be compliant with the regulation. CenturyLink's new relationship with Company85 can help customers to better understand where they are, and what steps they need to take to achieve compliance.


The Future of Supermarkets and the rise of M-Commerce

What really is the future of supermarkets? With the changing trends of how and when consumers do their food shop to the rise of online niche players and the m-commerce giants all wanting a slice of the pie, the landscape of this sector could certainly look far different going forward from what it does now. Watch Ian Butler's vlog into the future of supermarkets, exploring what could lie in store for this industry.

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What does it mean to have a truly global presence?

Brand and customer experience are often core values to retailers but it is the seamlessness and consistency that can often be key to businesses growing internationally and having a global presence. Watch Matt McKeever's new vlog all about the topic of globalisation and the impact on your Company's IT.

To find more, or about out how CenturyLink can help you with your globalisation IT challenges, get in touch here.


Understanding our Customers

The loyalty card, a phone app and online accounts. Whichever tool a company chooses to invest in, it allows them to understand their own consumers' behaviour and helps them to make strategic decisions. Ian Butler, Regional Sales Director for Retail, EMEA talks about how retailers can understand their customers with a particular focus on big data to establish business opportunities.

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How to modernize eCommerce digital performance

Today's consumers are tech and media savvy, with access to anything 24/7. They have high expectations for their user experience and if anything hinders that, whether a slow site or worse, a crashing mobile app, you can expect them to voice their complaints over social media or take their business to a competitor. As an eCommerce vendor, you are challenged to keep up with these demands to deliver seamless digital experiences as sites grow more complex. You need to weigh the impact your site complexity could have on customers while managing the entire digital performance of the business.


Will digital-only become a viable channel for cosmetics?

Cosmetics has traditionally been a sector that have had a slower start to online sales. The senses are often key to selling cosmetics but with the rise of virtual and augmented reality could this be the opportunity cosmetics have been waiting for, and could they ever be digital only? Jennie Chamberlain discusses this topic in her new vlog.

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How digital can align your costs and grow your revenues

It's an old adage that you must speculate to accumulate, but in today's technology-led age, that doesn't always mean spending more money. In fact, digital transformation can often be the key to saving money and growing revenues, by identifying which costs to cut and increasing productivity among employees.


Will Big Data prove to be the saviour of the retail industry?

If knowledge is power then in today's increasingly digital world, Big Data could be the lifeblood that ensures the world's biggest retailers remain powerful. Gathering data on customers and suppliers is nothing new in the retail industry and Big Data as a term means pretty much what it says. Put simply, it gathers data in greater and larger amounts, before running it all through a computer programme to reveal many different and intrinsic aspects of human behaviour.


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