Jay Hibbin, Regional Sales Director - Financial Services, CenturyLink EMEA

Jay Hibbin, Regional Sales Director - Financial Services, CenturyLink EMEA

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Brexit as a driver for trading floor transformation

At the time of writing this, the parameters and timeframes surround when, how, and even if Brexit will take place, continue to shift. But amidst the ambiguity of the outcome and arrangement that the UK will ultimately come to with the European Union, there is certainty within the financial services sector that some degree of change and disruption is inevitable.


Getting ready for the General Data Protection Regulation?

Almost everyone must know by now that the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR) is coming into force next year. However, many businesses are still unsure where to begin with preparing to be compliant with the regulation. CenturyLink's new relationship with Company85 can help customers to better understand where they are, and what steps they need to take to achieve compliance.


Regulation: A hindrance or a help to innovation?

Traditionally, banking regulation has been seen as an inhibitor to innovation because of the costs involved with compliance. Since the financial crisis, banks have been forking out vast sums to pay for consultancy fees, extra legal and internal audit staff, and updated systems that can provide regulators with a stream of information on everything from capital and liquidity to the salaries of their highest earners.


Clients demand value for money

Clients demand value for money from their legal advisors and firms have increasingly turned to technology to streamline processes and increase efficiencies. Technologies such as cloud, mobility and artificial intelligence have driven the legal revolution over the last decade, enabling more agile workforces, higher levels of efficiency, as well as alternative business models.


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Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant For Cloud IaaS

The market for cloud compute infrastructure as a service is maturing and rapidly evolving. Strategic providers must be chosen carefully. Gain insights into the future of public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service with a detailed analysis of all the major vendors.

See why CenturyLink was named a visionary by Gartner.


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