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High Performance Management and Monitoring
Combining workload, bandwidth and database monitoring for the best possible user experience.



Modernising legacy applications is the #1 priority for 69% of CIC's.



Moving at the Speed of Business

CenturyLink is a leader in managing, monitoring and accelerating the performance of business-critical application environments.

Pinpointing application issues can be a time-consuming drain on valuable resources. As a single-source provider we offer integrated approaches for managing and monitoring infrastructure whilst assessing vulnerabilities and improving end-to-end performance.

CenturyLink combines network and infrastructure performance monitoring with real-time and end-user analytics to deliver end-to-end application services for our clients. With more than 15 years of experience, we are a leader in applying best practices and proven methodologies.

  • Managed hosting for web, business and OS applications
  • Reduced latency through data centre proximity
  • ITIL certified issue and change management processes
  • Comprehensive suite of user side analytics and reporting
  • Dynamic network bandwidth shaping and scaling
  • Strategic Application Performance partnerships
Hitachi Systems Builds its Business with CenturyLink Cloud® at Core

Hitachi Systems chooses CenturyLink Cloud as the platform for its SAP Business One business, so it could rapidly support customers.

Hitachi Systems augments its IT staff and builds a SAP Business One offering with speed, confidence and the CenturyLink Cloud. Now they can quickly spin up new application services for customers whilst monitoring application usage and performance.

Read more on how Hitachi Systems is delivering new applications.

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