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Scalable and secure IT solutions for media companies with demanding networking and IT requirements.
Troy Lerner, President
Booyah Advertising.

"We found a friend on the other end of the phone in CenturyLink. In our final analysis we decided we had to choose CenturyLink because if there was ever going to be a problem we wanted to know somebody was in a foxhole with us."

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Integrated Customer Experiences For Multi-Channel Retailers

For the media industry CenturyLink is a trusted provider of managed services and solutions that are engineered to provide audiences an exceptional online experience. Our clients require a partner that enables their customers to access digital content anytime, anywhere, from any device. We understand the customer experience is what matters most and provide clients with service level agreements based on end user experience; measuring what is most important -website availability and responsiveness.

Building Exceptional Customer Experiences
A Forrester thought leadership white paper on how organisations win, serve, and retain customers.

60% of technology management leaders think they spend too much time maintaining legacy systems. A significant shift must occur to encourage collaboration between technology and marketing leaders.

Learn how to build a more captive audience.

A 2020 View Into the Future of Data Centres
CenturyLink takes a look at long-term data centre trends and their impact on the market

As we near the year 2020, CenturyLink takes a look into the future of the data centre. Explore the shift from in-house facilities toward colocation, managed hosting, and cloud services. See how data centre technologies will impact mobility, cloud, and big data in the coming years.

Discover the Innovation Gaps in your IT Organisation.

The first step to a transformation is to admit there is a gap. This eBook will help you examine and identify where those specific gaps are and how best to fill them.


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