Multi-Cloud Management

Make All Your Cloud Resources Work for You
CenturyLink’s multi-cloud strategy employs products and managed services to help simplify the management of your resources.



How to Pick the Right Cloud Platform for your Workloads

Learn how to best match applications and workloads to cloud platforms.


Solve the complexity of managing your cloud environments

No two cloud strategies or IT transformation projects are exactly the same. CenturyLink delivers a combination of intuitive tools and hands-on expert services. We can help you set up environments that you manage on your own, provide full-service management or collaborate on the management of specific activities. The choice is up to you.

Manage your workloads and cloud infrastructures through an automated platform with the CenturyLink® Cloud Application Manager.

Facilitate your Multi-Cloud Strategy

Cloud Application Manager includes:

Application Lifecycle Management
Automation of Application Deployment
Application Modeling
Scale, Update, and Migrate Running Applications
Managed Services Anywhere
On-Demand Management Services:

Remote Admin
Back Up
IT Consulting Services
Cloud Optimisation
Create Subscription and consume cloud services:

Microsoft Azure
Amazon Web Services
Cost Optimisation
Billing Consolidation


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