Webinar: Digital Transformation: How Europe Will Turn Disruption into Differentiation

It seems like everyone is talking about Digital Transformation at the moment. Whether you've already begun your journey in digital transformation or are still planning it, our webinar with 451 Group discusses how companies across Europe are dealing with this, as well as common challenges that you may face.

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Digital transformation is a phrase that is commonly used in many circles, with few agreeing on what it actually means. According to 451 Research:

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The key words here are "all aspects of an organisation's activity". It's clear that digital transformation is an umbrella that should cover all aspects of your organisation, not just how you move your IT services to the cloud - let alone if that is even the best execution venue for them.

Watch the webinar to hear Nick Patience from 451 Research and Matt Leonard from CenturyLink discuss research conducted across over 400 organisations in the EMEA region on this hot topic.


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Organisations across the globe are approaching this in different ways – hear about the business drivers behind digital transformation during the webinar, as well as some of the top barriers that silver bulletwill have to be overcome. Learn how they plan to measure the success of their digital transformation efforts, and what the top IT-led priorities that they aim to address are.

In the current threat landscape, many businesses will be looking to accelerate their digital transformation, with a particular focus on protecting their and their clients' data and applications. However, this is something that should be part of an overarching digital transformation project so that all aspects of the business are protected.

An overwhelming majority of those surveyed will be seeking external help from a trusted partner to help them better understand how to transform their business and ensure they meet their business objectives – hear about how three of CenturyLink’s clients addressed specific pillars of digital transformation by watching the webinar.

To watch the Webinar click here.

Digital Transformation

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