Rory McCall, Account Director, CenturyLink EMEA

Rory McCall, Account Director, CenturyLink EMEA

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Are retailers taking the driving seat in mobile purchasing?

Four out of five adults in the UK now have a smartphone according to research published by Deloitte late last year. For retailers, this means an opportunity like never before, the chance to tap into consumers wherever they are, and whenever might be appropriate. But what does this actually look like and how can the retail industry drive mobile purchases, not simply mobile views?


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What does digital transformation mean for luxury retail?

In 2014, research showed pure online sales of luxury goods were growing at twice the rate of the luxury market overall. This is set to increase to 20 Billion by 2020, but what does this mean for a market that was traditionally face-to-face deal-closing? And how might it affect the sale of high-ticket, high-priced items that could now be bought without even seeing them physically?

For example, the biggest purchase any of us will ever make is a property, but given the next generation of homebuyers and owners now more digitally-savvy than ever, will this change their buying habits? Does this mean we are entering a digital-first future where you really could buy a house purely from your mobile?


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Gartner 2015 Magic Quadrant For Cloud IaaS

The market for cloud compute infrastructure as a service is maturing and rapidly evolving. Strategic providers must be chosen carefully. Gain insights into the future of public cloud infrastructure-as-a-service with a detailed analysis of all the major vendors.

See why CenturyLink was named a visionary by Gartner.


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