Consider the cloud – is it as relevant now as it was 10 years ago?

I recently came across an event entitled “Thinking Out Cloud”, which made me think about how, in today’s hyper-paced IT world, enterprises still think in diametrically opposed views.

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In conversation with Lucy Dougherty: the shift to multi-platform entertainment

Lucy Dougherty, CenturyLink EMEA’s Head of Broadcast and Entertainment, releases her new vlog discussing the shift to multi-platform entertainment.

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Webinar: Digital Transformation: How Europe Will Turn Disruption into Differentiation

It seems like everyone is talking about Digital Transformation at the moment. Whether you've already begun your journey in digital transformation or are still planning it, our webinar with 451 Group discusses how companies across Europe are dealing with this, as well as common challenges that you may face.

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Vlog: Retail Week Live takeaways

CenturyLink EMEA’s retail team talk about their takeaways from Retail Week Live.

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Are retailers taking the driving seat in mobile purchasing?

Four out of five adults in the UK now have a smartphone according to research published by Deloitte late last year. For retailers, this means an opportunity like never before, the chance to tap into consumers wherever they are, and whenever might be appropriate. But what does this actually look like and how can the retail industry drive mobile purchases, not simply mobile views?

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Regulation: A hindrance or a help to innovation?

Traditionally, banking regulation has been seen as an inhibitor to innovation because of the costs involved with compliance. Since the financial crisis, banks have been forking out vast sums to pay for consultancy fees, extra legal and internal audit staff, and updated systems that can provide regulators with a stream of information on everything from capital and liquidity to the salaries of their highest earners.

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GDPR how will it affect businesses

Whitepaper: What is GDPR and how will it affect British businesses?

Read about our new whitepaper, looking into General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the effect the new changes will have on British businesses.

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Will 2017 see digital-only become a viable retail channel for cosmetics?

For decades, traditional retail environments thrived on the desire of consumers to experience products using all five of their senses – touch, hearing, sight, taste and smell – encouraging them to then make an impulse purchase.

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Whitepaper: How will GDPR affect law firms in the UK?

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SaaSification of the product landscape: when your products are not born in the cloud and your customer base is changing, how do you SaaSify and win?

In today's fast moving, ever-mobile landscape, an increasing number of customers are looking for SaaSified versions of their software tools, opting for the benefits of PAYG-style cloud-based working which gives them optimal flexibility. And among the business sectors looking for more creative and agile ways of working, are law firms.

Traditionally viewed as a somewhat desk-bound profession, lawyers are beginning to see the advantages of being able to work anytime, anywhere – and those software providers who are able to SaaSify their services for this group now have a whole new sector waiting to get on board.

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